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The Classic Jacket


Nobody made hunting clothes like John and Linda Wick and the hard-working people they employed for decades in Missouri. Their story is the American Dream. From small, humble beginnings they built an "Empire" in the outdoor clothing world. They invented and then revolutionized what hounds men around the United States would wear with a quality and innovation that had not been seen before or since their retirement. Their ideas, research and designs were copied by many in those early years but all of them, for a variety of reasons, failed. Working one hundred hours a week, having dozens of employees, the nonstop attention to detail and living with everyday business worries without much of a "life" isn't for most folks.  It wasn't then and certainly isn't now, but it is what it took to make their business the success it was. I worked for John and Linda for almost ten years.  They were great years.  I thought so then and look back fondly on them now.  Other than my Dad, "Pop", no one person or group of people has had a greater impact on my life than John Wick. He was a hero of mine as a kid and still is all of these decades later.


When Linda and Monica closed the Wick Outdoor business it left a void in the clothing world for hounds men. Certainly, Kevin Miller at Dan's, who is as good of a guy as there is, makes some great stuff.  Don and Kim over at Stone Creek and a few others make some really nice clothing as well.

For a variety of reasons, my wife and son will be selling some nice gear in the coming years.  Their first project is a jacket named the "Classic".  It is the Thinsulate lined version of the Wick Briartown, easily the most iconic jacket known to coondog, bird dog, and beagle men throughout the United States. Along with the Thinsulate lining, making it super warm, it features the industry best YKK zipper, raglan style sleeves, corduroy collar and lined hand warmer pockets.  All of these features are what the coat was known for and what made it so popular.  Every coat has snaps in the collar so you can purchase a hood when you buy the jacket or anytime throughout the lifetime of years this coat will last you.

Hard to fit and hard to please? That was a common line in the Wick ads so we addressed that as well and stock regular sizes Medium through an unbelievable 5XL.

We also stock Tall sizes from Large Tall through 3XL Tall. The sleeves and body of these Tall sizes are 3" longer than our regular sizes.

I have had trouble buying clothes that fit properly since I was a kid. You tall skinny guys, tall big guys, big guys and bigger than big guys finally have somewhere to shop!

Are these coats as good as the old Wick coats? No. Anyone who says their stuff is as good as the old Wick products simply because they are using the "Wick Material" is not correct.  I always thought that line of thinking, "the Wick material" was a little insulting. That great material also had amazing people sewing the garments together and nonstop innovative ideas behind it.  It was an all-consuming effort by many highly talented people , from the folks who unloaded the trucks, cut the patterns, sewed it up, quality checked it and shipped it out the back door. No one can overcome the LEGEND, the Dynasty that was Wick Outdoor Works and the dozens of people who made that place what is was, when it was. I am proud to have been a small part of its history. There will never be another John and Linda or Monica Wick and our sports history should look back on them fondly as the pioneers that they were in the industry.

Are these coats super, super, super nice? Dadgum right they are! I have worked my entire adult life in this industry and am very proud to have my name on this jacket and the future garments we will offer.



Zepp's Classic Jacket

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