The all new Superior Raptor is here featuring the latest in LED and laser technology. All Superior Raptors come standard with Superior's new and improved PRO color modules. The Superior PRO color modules are a revision and improvement of an older design which combined with new technology give the Superior Raptor the brightest Red and Amber colors currently available.

The Superior Raptor will also come standard with the same ultra bright dual white walk lights and main beam that Hellcat owners have come to enjoy and appreciate!

All  LED's on the Raptor are controlled by one simple easy to use rotary switch!! The Superior Raptor has a high and low level of brightness on both the amber and red color modules, saving you time, and eliminating mid level positions on the switch which are never used!!! It also comes standard with low, medium, and high settings on the dual white walk lights, and 1 extreme level of main beam brightness!!! This setup is great as it eliminates the unneeded positions on the switch and eliminates the need for additional switch to control the light.

The Superior Raptor is available with your choice of a red or green laser controlled by a head mounted toggle switch. The Raptor is also available on your choice of soft or hard hat and your choice of bright white or natural color main beam!!

Superior Raptor Box/Belt Light

Cap Style