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Up to 10 Hours of Protection

Sawyer is an advocate of using DEET in its purest form for optimized protection in areas of extreme bug density. When you use a 30% DEET in an aerosol spray can, you’ll actually be left with 100% DEET on your skin after all the alcohol dissipates.

Starting with the 100% DEET formula in Sawyer’s MAXI-DEET enables you to use a smaller dosage from the start and provides you more control over how much you apply. With its 10-hour effectiveness, you won’t have to reapply MAXI-DEET as often as you would a lower percentage dosage. You’ll also be able to carry around less bulk and weight.

Sawyer Premium MAXI DEET Insect Repellent - 4 oz Continuous Spray

SKU: 050716007749
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