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The best choice for reliability at the most economical price…Combines a multi-mode Stopwatch with an easy-to-use Countdown Timer. The best choice in the category - a full 10 hour stopwatch and countdown timer precise to 1/100 second… 20 times more powerful than other brands. 

    • The Oslo 1000W offers thoughtful design features and high quality construction.
    • Extra large digital display, soft rubberized pushbuttons and side grips make the 1000W a pleasure to hold and operate for anyone.
    • This level of design detail surpasses all other products in the category.
    • Single Event, Lap or Split Timing. 1/100 Second Precision to 10 hours.
    • Two Finish Time Memory Recall. Unlimited number of time readings can be taken.
    • Countdown timer shows time Remaining; Counts up to completion. Audible alarm at completion of countdown.
    • Countdown range 10 hours with 1/100 second resolution. Splash Resistant; Extra Large Display. One year warranty; LR44 battery 

Robic 1000W Dual Stopwatch/Countdown Timer

SKU: 021096879479
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